Laura R. Cushing

Laura Cushing focuses on the people behind great endeavors. Whether cast, client or crew, Cushing knows to rely on those around her to help deliver the best possible product. Cushing utilizes her innate leadership skills, dedication to excellence, creativity and love of teamwork to drive each project forward.

Prior to joining Stept Studios as Head of Production, Laura Cushing honed her industry skills by producing, writing, directing, supervising and more for traditional networks, HBO, AEG Live, and Red Bull Media House.

Career highlights include the Sports Emmy nominated documentary “Human Express” (CBS), “Red Bull Stratos” – a scientific mission for an individual to break the speed of sound during free fall, “Cultivation: Leffen – Resurrection” (Red Bull TV) and “Project Acheron: Patagonia” (NBC).

Cushing has been a member of the Producer’s Guild of America since 2006, advises the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia and lives with her husband and daughters in Los Angeles.