Sean Cushing

Sean Cushing is the co-owner of Cantina Creative, a visual effects and design company located in Culver City.  Cantina is known for their graphic design and animation work for feature films. Cushing is credited on over twenty-five blockbuster features including Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, The Fate of the Furious, Avatar, Iron Man, and Matrix Revolutions.

Prior to the formation of Cantina Creative in 2010, Cushing served as Executive Producer for Pixel Liberation Front, a visual effects company renowned for spearheading the development of the previsualization process in filmmaking.

In 1999, Cushing entered the entertainment sector when he joined Reel Efx, a special effects company.Prior to Reel Efx, Cushing applied his skills in product design and computer aided modeling to help create fountain structures around the world (including the now famous Bellagio feature) for renowned architectural firm Wet Design.

In 2007, Cushing was recognized as a producer and innovator distinguished in the realm of digital storytelling. Ranked number 36 within the Hollywood Reporter and Producer’s Guild of America’s “Digital 50,” Cushing was listed among Hollywood digital giants such as Steve Jobs, Robert Zemeckis and Peter Jackson.

Cushing actively writes and produces original content and has numerous features films and television series currently in development.